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Due to the fact that in Latin America the same language is spoken in almost every nation and there are strong cultural similarities, there exists the possibility of working with the entire population. It soon became apparent that there was a need to focus on theological studies from a new perspective, in regards to the possibilities and needs of each specific country. This newperspective should make the theoretical studies easily applicable in practical situations.For this reason we havecreatedas an essential partof the studies, missionary journeys, discipleship and pastoral care.The goal of which is to offer the future spiritual leaders, not only important theoretical knowledge but also practical tools that will help them to carry out their work.

The second change that was introduced by this new perspective of theological study has to do with not only educating each student in an academic way but also on a personal, spiritual level. This makes the Seminary not just a place of academic learning but also, and above all, a place where each student has the opportunity to grow in understanding and spiritual maturity. In third place, we have started to look for students from all over Argentina and its neighboring countries who will later return to their own environment once they have graduated. This guarantees that each one will be a missionary in a setting that is both familiar and knownto them.On the other hand, it prevents both the overcrowding of leaders in some places and the complete absence of leaders in others, as is the case in many of the Argentine provinces or Latin American countries where the students have originally come from.
The fourth point is to focus on opening up new missionary projects, in regions that until now haven't been reached. In this way we prioritize those areas that offer a greater challenge due to a lack of recourses, their isolation etc. The purpose of the theological education that is imparted and maintained within the Seminary is based upon the following fundamental points:  One God - One Bible (The Scriptures) One Faith - One Christ
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